Tech1We are in the midst of a digital age that has resulted in astonishing productivity gains for business and extraordinary convenience for consumers, but it also has ushered in an era of unprecedented danger. Gone are the days when a couple of locked doors and a security guard were enough to protect a store.

Any organization that uses e-mail or has a web presence will be attacked. The biggest threat to the retail sector is Russian criminal syndicates that operate with ruthless efficiency in search of credit card numbers and personally identifiable information (PII).

Sage1Retailing is about selection, value and being helped by people who are genuinely happy to see you when you walk in, want you to leave happy and look forward to your return. Discovering something special, delightful, satisfying and memorable at a great price is the consumer need that drives all my businesses. I ran a chain of bagel stores, opened a gym, and in 2007, developed and opened a “storehouse” concept furniture store featuring high-end brands at 40 percent to 60 percent off retail.

Circus1If you’ve ever wondered what world-famous chefs do for spring break, ask Lee Brian Schrager. The mastermind behind the Food Network’s South Beach and New York City Wine and Food Festivals has hosted the likes of Emeril, Anthony Bordain, Bobby Flay and Martha Stewart at these charity-supporting food and wine events for more than a decade, and the party is just getting started.

“For Food Network personalities, these festivals are opportunities to network with their peers,” says Schrager, vice president of corporate communications and national events for Southern Wine and Spirits of America Inc. “For consumers, it’s a chance to sample great foods, wines and spirits while watching culinary demonstrations. It’s the best of everything! Where else could you see Paula Deen on one stage across from Daniel Boulud?”

Digital1Although digital screens have been deployed in a variety of retail applications – such as menu boards in restaurants, digital end caps in electronics stores, directory boards in malls and digital mannequins in clothing stores – they have been used as a way to run advertising of products and goods with very little integration into store systems.

Techie1Advertisers are not taking advantage of the reams of consumer data that are available to them nowadays. Time of decision is replacing time of day and proving itself key to intent-driven marketing.

Watch an episode of “Mad Men” on cable television, and it’s easy to see how much has changed in the world of advertising. Imagine if Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce – the advertising agency that is at the heart of “Mad Men” – had the same volume of consumer data available to it in the 1960s that advertisers have available today, from demographic profiles to audience data including behavioral, intent and response data, creative performance data and optimization. They really could have ruled the advertising world.

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