Kendal King Group’s new Soapbox Insights + Influence division works with everyday influencers to move products from store shelves into shopping carts.

By Tim O’Connor

The retail industry becomes more complex every day. Products are introduced at an increasingly rapid pace, new trends emerge and die within the span of a news cycle, mergers and acquisitions are constantly reshaping the landscape and companies cope by asking fewer employees to do more work.

Stores and product manufacturers today need help in navigating those changes in retail. “More of our clients are coming to us to act as an extension of themselves,” says Tom Hauge, vice president of business development for Kendal King Group, a retail marketing agency.

Clients trust Kendal King Group to win not only with the customer in the store, but with the buyers in the retailer’s home office. “We’ve been speaking retail for 30 years,” Hauge says, adding that Kendal King Group understands the retail environment better than its competitors. The company’s foundation in retail shapes how it approaches insights from every level of activation throughout the shopper’s journey.


FMH Conveyors is centralizing its three U.S. manufacturing operations into one new location

in Jonesboro, Ark., to gain synergies in manufacturing and engineering.

By Russ Gager

To a large extent, brick-and-mortar retailing is largely about distribution – getting the right products to the end consumers. Helping with this point of the distribution process – getting products into trucks for delivery – is FMH Conveyors. “Our history and our core business is truck loading and unloading,” President Kurt Huelsman declares. “The vast majority of our product is built simply around the connection between a building and a trailer and moving product in either direction – unloading or loading.

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