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Racks Inc.’s vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities give it the ability

to quickly respond to its customers’ point-of-sale display needs. 


Racks Inc.’s ability to meet its customers’ needs has made the point-of-purchase display manufacturer successful for more than 80 years. 

“Our philosophy is basically to try to keep things as simple as we can while being responsive to our customers,” CEO Doug Wall says. “We are in the business of helping our customers sell their product, and our customers’ businesses need to be responsive to the demands of retailers.


Allen Schwartz

Allen Schwartz has moved away from department stores and towards e-commerce and domestic and international specialty retailers.

By Alan Dorich, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

For Allen Schwartz, the step to take his namesake fashion brand out of department stores was not a gamble, but instead a simple decision. “I’d like to think of myself as a visionary and a risk taker, [but] I don’t even think of it as risky, it’s the only way to grow going forward,” he says.

Chefs Cut 2Chef’s Cut Real Jerky is disrupting the competitive beef jerky market with healthier, better-tasting products.
By Jim Harris

Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co. wants to change the public perception of beef jerky, one bite at a time. “We are in a very old, competitive category, and consumers have been trained to eat and accept jerky for what it’s always been – a hard, chewy and tough product that you gnaw on versus something you eat,” says Bart Silvestro, CEO of the New York City-based company. “Our product is tender and a different kind of eating experience – it’s like eating steak in a bag.”


Calego follows a practical and transparent approach to designing luggage for travelers.

By Tim O’Connor, Knighthouse Media

Shopping for luggage can be a confusing proposition – especially when it comes to value. Many brands price their best models at several hundred dollars, but then they always seem to be on sale for half-off. So what’s that bag really worth?

The whole experience can leave shoppers with a sour taste, which is why Calego takes a different approach with its fast-growing iFLY brand. “We’ve taken the opposite view completely,” President Stephen Rapps says. “We’re going to give you a great price, great quality and great design, and you’re going to sell the heck out of it.”

JJ Snack 2J&J Snack Foods leads the way in the soft pretzel market.

By Alan Dorich, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

J&J Snack Foods Corp.’s business is focused on food, but the company would not have its success without its team of associates, President and CEO Gerald B. Shreiber says. As the company has built its staff, it has sought people with drive, ambition and intelligence.

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