A robust Internet strategy and a commitment to low costs sets this cosmetic company apart from the competition. Forward thinking has helped ELF Cosmetics grow to become a $20 million company in just four years. Led by CEO Joey Shamah, the company is an example of the start-up of the future, which relies on the Internet to move quickly but supports the virtual business with innovative retail strategies.

Phytomer1 ThumbThis high-end marine cosmetic supplier is helping to support the growth the US spa industry has experienced and is a leader in sustainability practices. Natural plant-based skin care products have long been available for those who knew where to find them, and are increasingly popular on the mass market. Historically the benefits of sea-based products have been less known in the US, but the reputation of the ocean as a healing force has grown partly thanks to the experience and education efforts of Phytomer.

Jurlique1 ThumbThe number one skin care brand in Australia is launching a new communication campaign to attract more consumers to the green life. On a 153-acre certified organic farm on the other side of the world, hundreds of herbs, flowers, and plants are growing that you will be able to use to moisturize, protect, and rejuvenate your skin, all thanks to Jurlique.

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