Plainville1 ThumbThis poultry producer has seen many changes over the years, and its new ownership is committed to producing antibiotic-free turkey products to an ever-growing market. Although it has a history dating back to 1835, Plainville Farms has recently been reborn. For generations, it was owned and operated by the Bitz family in Plainville, NY. 

Petedge1 ThumbThis pet product developer and distributor uses its years of experience to manage an efficient supply chain and evolving company structure. People may opt to ride their bikes to work rather than drive during a recession. They may also stay home and watch TV rather than going to the movies. But one thing they won’t sacrifice: the way they care for their animals. 

Officeagri1 ThumbThailand’s economy has grown, in part, thanks to its strength as an exporter. Now it is looking to enhance organic agricultural practices and bring more organic products to the US. Although some people may not realize it, the Kingdom of Thailand is the number one exporter of natural and organic products in the world. Thailand’s economy depends on the country’s status as a leading exporter, and the Office of Agricultural Affairs of the Royal Thai Embassy (OAA) is hard at work in the US promoting and expanding export relationships with American importers and retailers.  

Mrwilliams1 ThumbBy anticipating industry trends and investing in technology, this convenience store supplier has grown to serve more than 1,000 stores on the East Coast. Staying in business for more than three decades requires the ability to think ahead. North Carolina-based MR Williams, a second-generation, family-owned convenience store distributor, has used an uncanny knack for staying ahead of the industry and investing in technology to become one of the top 50 distributors in the country.  

Mistercookie1 ThumbWhen its business platform crumbled, this novelty ice cream manufacturer developed an even stronger one by building on the strengths of its past. Since its founding in 1992 as the manufacturer of its own branded product, Mister Cookie Face has undergone tremendous transformations. In the late 1990s, when its branded ice cream sandwich no longer brought the level of success it needed to survive, the company moved into the private label/co-pack business and developed an association with Silhouette, creators of the Skinny Cow brand, a weight management novelty ice cream. 

Kc1 ThumbThis store fixture manufacturer is holding its own in a down market by listening to what customers want and adjusting to meet their needs. If you think the current state of the retail industry would have a negative impact on a retail store fixture supplier, think again. Retailers needing to adjust and rearrange their stores to better suit the changing market keep KC Store Fixtures busy, although not in quite the same fashion as the company has done in previous years. 

Henrys2 ThumbFor 80 years, this organization has remained strong, and despite a down economy, its footprint continues to grow. Alexandria, Minn.-based Henry’s Foods ties its roots back to 1929 when founder Henry Eidsvold took on a dairy route that stretched around parts of rural Minnesota. From there, he began to sell candy, and eventually he began to offer cigars and cigarettes to his customers too.

Federated1 ThumbThis private label sales and marketing broker reevaluated its processes and found a way to offer its customers more for less. Several years ago, Federated Group, a retail brand owner and broker representing manufacturers at retailers and wholesalers, adjusted its business model. The company uses commission it receives from manufacturers to develop and expand its customers’ brands and drive their businesses.

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