Crsoftware1 ThumbSmart security features, flexible architecture, and a stellar support system make the latest debt collection software from this IT company a success. CR Software launched its newest debt collection management software, Titanium ORE, in 2007, and CEO Martin Germanis believed it was the first open architecture system. But although that means Titanium ORE is supremely flexible and can work with any best-of-breed software out there, that doesn’t mean it’s not secure.

Globaltissue1 ThumbThis privately held converter of household paper products uses innovation, expansion, and a quality-centric manufacturing process to remain competitive. A tissue isn’t just a tissue for the folks at Global Tissue Group. The New York-based paper converter of paper towels; facial tissue; bath tissue; and one-, two-, and three-ply napkins is one of only a few in its industry that has the ability to provide three levels of quality: standard, premium, and ultra-premium. 

Pirate1 ThumbA recent corporate rebranding, combined with growth of more than 100% in one year, has this manufacturer on top of a snacking revolution. Formed in 1987, Pirate Brands has been focused on creating family-friendly, healthy snack foods since its beginning. Initially operating as Robert’s American Gourmet Food, the company is headquartered in Sea Cliff, NY and has three manufacturers, two on the East Coast and one on the West Coast. Pirate Brands products are distributed nationally, but its top markets are on the East and West Coasts. 

Onceagain1 ThumbThis 34-year-old organization has served the natural products industry for nearly four decades and has achieved continued success. Once Again Nut Butter was established in 1976 as a worker cooperative. Jeremy Thaler and Constance Potter, the organization’s founders, set out with a primary goal of providing retailers in the natural products industry with a tasty yet healthy and nutritious peanut butter. Nearly four decades later, the company’s focus remains the same. Throughout the years, it has established a strong reputation as a top manufacturer, providing its customers with high-quality products and consistent, friendly service. 

Mountainservice1 ThumbStrong relationships, continuous improvement, and the ability to adapt to merchandise trends have kept this convenience products distributor going for more than 80 years. To the untrained eye, it may seem like there is little to no difference to convenience products distributors, but the people at Mountain/Service Distributors know how to stand out in a crowded industry. Thanks to its dedication to the growth of its customers, this company shows just how big the difference between convenience products distributors can be. 

Misionaro1 ThumbNew products, quality, and customer service are the central tenets of this 37-year-old vegetable production company. When it comes to vegetables like lettuce and spinach, it doesn’t seem like there’s much left to do that nature hasn’t already done. Not unless you are Misionero Vegetables, a company started back in 1973 by Floyd Griffin that continues to be family-owned today. The company produces organic and conventional products that are distributed throughout all of North America, operating under the motto of Stephen Griffin, president: “Innovate or perish.”

Timbar1 ThumbHigh-quality shipping boxes combined with design capabilities and merchandising solutions set this company apart. It isn’t easy to be a consumer goods manufacturer these days, with retailers cutting lead times short and controlling inventory more tightly than ever. In addition, budgets for marketing, merchandising, and anything except churning out products are severely limited. Fortunately, TimBar Packaging and Display is here to help.

Ecr1 ThumbFor more than two decades, this company has provided retailers with the software solutions and service they need to maximize their efficiencies. At the beginning, ECR Software Corporation (ECRS) was a small software company built to deliver retail automation solutions by delivering on promises made to customers and employees. That commitment allowed this Boone, NC company to grow to include 70 employees with a network of salespeople, support technicians, and installation specialists around the country. 

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