Jsb1 ThumbAttention to detail, exceptional customer service, and a family-first mentality enable this bakery goods manufacturer to flourish. A lot has changed for JSB Industries in the 15 years since Scott Anderson joined the company as vice president of operations. What hasn’t changed is the fact that the family-owned and operated bakery manufacturer doesn’t have to look far to find new customers. 

Vertis1 ThumbThis marketing communications company delivers advertising, direct marketing, and interactive solutions to prominent brands across North America. These days, being a major player in the areas of printed advertising and direct marketing requires a lot more than just printing up inserts for the Sunday papers. “More than ever, retailers are seeking impactful communications and direct marketing programs that help drive traffic and sales,” said Quincy Allen, Vertis’ chief executive officer. “Today, the key is a multi-channel approach that leverages all of the tools retailers have at their disposal.”

Sportif1 ThumbThis innovative, family-owned men’s apparel retailer is building beyond its 40-plus-year legacy brand to develop an eco-friendly women’s line. Passing a visionary approach from one generation to the next isn’t an easy task. But John G. Kirsch somehow managed to pass that trait onto his son, John Kirsch. Now in charge of the family business, Kirsch said the innovative spirit his late father used to start Sportif USA is alive and well in the company’s newest venture, Aventura Clothing.

Rogers1 ThumbBy developing long-term relationships with farmers, vendors, and retailers, this coffee company is a cut above. For Rogers Family Company, selling coffee is about more than turning a profit; it’s about making sure everyone involved in the process benefits. “To have a successful transaction, everyone has to win,” said Jon Rogers, president. “It has to be good for the farmer who grows the coffee, the people who ship the coffee, for us, and the retailers. Most importantly, it has to be good for the consumer.”

Softechnics1 ThumbThis automation platform provider understands retailers aren’t all looking for the same solution. Twenty-one of the top 50 supermarket chains in the US run SofTechnics’ in-store applications. With this kind of success, many companies would be comfortable sticking to what they do best, but the Ohio-based provider of integrated retail solutions only sees new possibilities. 

Lidestri1 ThumbNew logos, a center of innovation, and an exploratory spirit are pushing this food manufacturer to new levels. It’s been said that a picture paints a thousand words. With its newly designed logo, this is exactly what LiDestri Food and Beverage is hoping for. With more than 35 years behind its current logo, the LiDestri family didn’t make a final design decision with haste. Instead, said Stefani LiDestri, senior vice president of business development and marketing, the company decided what message it wanted to send and went from there. 

Livingharvest1 ThumbDeveloping great tasting hemp-based foods is only part of this company’s operations. Educating consumers and legislators is critical to its future. Penetrating the mainstream market is tough enough for natural food products, but it is even more difficult for a company like Living Harvest. Less than 10 years old, Living Harvest produces food made from hemp, a plant that has been unfairly maligned in the US for decades. Living Harvest’s long-term success depends not only on product development, it must also work to repair years of misinformation about a plant that some of our Founding Fathers grew in their own backyards. 

Chiquita1 ThumbThis worldwide distributor is transitioning away from being heavily weighted in the commodities market to connect with consumers through packaged goods. The vision of Chiquita Brands International is to lead the world in fresh, healthy, branded foods. The Ohio-based company started a transformative process to realize this vision five years ago when it acquired Fresh Express, one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of fresh, ready-to-eat packaged salads. 

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