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Beneship1 Getting shipments from one place to another can be a daunting process. There are complex rules and regulations, multiple carriers/modes, numerous service classes, surcharges and confusing rates and invoices. But Jim LeRose says the Agile Network has spent more than 20 years making the process a bit simpler.

Jim LeRose is a principal at Agile Network and founder of Agile New York. He has more than two decades of experience as a TMS solutions provider and consultant. “Our organization has been in logistics for quite some time, and our specialty is transportation management software [TMS],” he says.

Agile Network is an organization of transportation and logistics experts that provides leading-edge integrated transportation and logistics management solutions. Agile has office locations in the United States, Canada and Europe and serves more than 1,000 clients throughout North America and Europe.

Having spent more than two decades designing, implementing and supporting integrated enterprise transportation and shipping management solutions, Agile’s members are always looking to innovate and improve best practices. Agile offers an array of solutions, including the enterprise TMS, AgileElite, which connects transportation management web services into a seamless, adaptable process. It can be installed on a client site or provided on a hosted Internet site.

Agile also offers expert advice for parcel and freight transportation management challenges and customizes its TMS solutions to meet clients’ specific business requirements. People who truly comprehend transportation and business management lead the Agile Network, so its clients get expertise from people who understand the significance of cost savings, ease of use and rapid implementation.

Simple and Intuitive

Agile Network is excited about AgileShip SE (Small Enterprise), a new application for QuickBooks designed to be simple, intuitive and help small- to medium-sized companies save money. It is a multi-carrier shipping app that works by comparing the shipping costs from all major shipping companies. Previously, companies had to use many separate systems to process shipments from all of these carriers. Not so with AgileShip SE, which is powered by the transportation management technology that is used by some of the largest U.S. companies.

AgileElite is the power behind the application. As the company evolves, Agile plans to continue investing in robust product development, following a product development roadmap and constantly adding functionality. “We have a staff of engineers continually programming and modifying to keep up with carrier compliance,” LeRose says. “A lot of the connectors we are building will support new carriers and services, making the application more viable and valuable.

“In the past, software was always installed on-premise, but our software as a service (SaaS) solution allows us to leverage our knowledge in the industry,” he adds. “We’ve created an application that includes a user interface that is easily accessible. For the user, the application appears to be very simple and intuitive, but it has a lot of power behind it.”

AgileShip SE allows users to ship items with any parcel carrier, generate bills of lading, track shipments and compare the rates of hundreds of LTL carriers. The system is designed to help users understand what they’re paying for and reduce errors, which Agile Network says can save users two to five percent on shipping costs each month.

It is a significant solution because these kinds of mail, parcel and freight services are usually very expensive for small- to mid-sized businesses, and saving money is imperative for small enterprises. AgileShip SE is an intermodal shipping platform that can integrate with QuickBooks through Intuit’s cloud platform and syncs automatically with QuickBooks data. The application also offers content and services provided by, a member organization that helps small companies get big discounts.

More to Offer

As AgileShip matures, Agile Network will look for new communities that can benefit from the application. It is on track to release a new version this summer that was built around QuickBooks, but LeRose explains there are plenty of other communities where it could be used. “We will continue to build the application and functionality around the desires and needs of those communities,” he says. “The application for QuickBooks is unique because it can synchronize with data in the QuickBooks cloud. That is very specific to the Intuit community.”

Although Agile Network mostly serves manufacturers, finance, e-commerce retailers, retail, wholesalers and distributors, LeRose is confident that its services and solutions are beneficial to many industries.

Agile Network took the long road to market with AgileShip SE because it wanted to be sure the solution was ready to help users improve shipping processes and save money. The application will help users find great pricing on LTL/TL, regional, courier, small package domestic and international discounts and discount insurance services.

“The application’s unique value proposition and competitive advantage is that it can be used for all of these services combined in one app,” LeRose says. “The binding tie is the partnership we have with Pitney Bowes GFS – Global Financing Services, which combines multiple carrier invoices into a single invoice, auditing service and gives our shippers a net 30-day period to pay with no interest or late fee.”

After more than two decades of building relationships and pursuing technological innovation, Agile has built a network of leading service providers in the logistics industry, and has created a suite of solutions that can help ensure operational efficiencies, on-time and cost-effective shipping and lower costs. LeRose says there are some exciting developments that will continue to enhance AgileShip SE.

“The team of people behind us is the who’s who of logistics transportation management solutions,” he says. “That makes a big difference in ensuring a successful launch, continued support and viable enhancements of an application like AgileShip SE.”

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