North West

For more than 200 years, The North West Company has battled everything from snow storms to global warming

to provide the most remote areas of North America with their grocery needs.

By Angela Forsyth

There are challenges most merchandisers face, and then, there are the challenges The North West Company faces. As the leading retailer to rural communities and urban neighborhoods in Canada, Alaska, the South Pacific and Caribbean, North West encounters unique obstacles most retailers wouldn’t even dream of. The Winnipeg-based company provides grocery items and services to some of the most difficult-to-reach areas in some of the harshest climate conditions of North America.


Shoe Mill is poised for growth as the third generation of the Habre family steps into  leadership roles.  

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers, Knighthouse Media

Shoe Mill has built a reputation in the Pacific Northwest as being the fine footwear retailer that genuinely cares about the foot health of its clientele. The company’s tagline, “We put the world at your feet!” speaks not only to its unique mix of merchandise from exceptional manufacturers worldwide, but also to its promise to fit the clients properly so they can confidently and comfortably step out into the world.


Pharmaca uses education to maintain a high level of service

and invests in technology to ensure the highest levels of quality.

By Staci Davidson, Knighthouse Media

Skin-care obsessives know they don’t want products with additives like parabens and phthalates; what they do want is quality ingredients that will make their skin look radiant. And those who are dedicated to consuming superfoods get excited about drinks made from acai and chlorella. Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy is happy to serve both novices and experts in these areas, remaining dedicated to the highest quality and safety in its products, while ensuring its staff has the expertise required to help consumers find what is best for them. 

Club Champion

Club Champion is expanding by helping golfers improve their game and lower their scores.

By Mark Lawton

Club Champion has opened 25 stores in eight months, going from 37 stores to 62 stores. “We are super excited about what we’ve been able to do,” CEO Joe Lee says. “Our concept is working, and more and more people are buying golf clubs from us.”


Sit 'n Sleep's CEO reveals how his company became the largest family-owned mattress retailer in California.

By Kat Zeman, Knighthouse Media

It wasn’t always a bed of roses. Before Larry Miller became the head honcho of the largest family-owned mattress retailer in California, he was just one of many young entrepreneurs with a dream – to own his own business and be his own boss.

But he had a big problem – very little money. So, he borrowed $10,000 from his aunt. His father – Phillip Miller – borrowed another $10,000 from the bank. And that’s how Sit ‘n Sleep – which claims to sell more mattresses per store than any other retailer in the country – was born.

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