Smoker1 ThumbThe Colorado-based Smoker Friendly chain has become a full-fledged tobacconist with the addition of a premium cigar offering at 90 of its 100 corporate stores, a move that has been 10 years in the making. As prices rose after the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement between the 48 State Attorney’s General and the major cigarette companies, Terry Gallagher, president, and his brother Dan Gallagher, VP of operations, saw an opportunity.

Tsg1 ThumbTSG Consumer Partners is a private equity firm that refuses to work by the books. But for all its “wrongdoings,” the company has been very successful, averaging approximately 60% returns throughout its 20-year history. 

Viva1 ThumbYou might be tempted to think that a company celebrating its 30th anniversary by restructuring leadership was bracing for hard times. But for Viva International Group, a global leader in ophthalmic frames and sunglass distribution and manufacturing, it was all about making a strong company even stronger. This corporate transition began last March.

Wrays1 ThumbWhen Wray’s grocery store opened in 1955, it sold the same products that every other local store sold. At the time, there weren’t any food stores that catered to specific populations. Today, Wray’s has three locations throughout Yakima, Wash., and each of them targets a different breed of customers. 

Brstores2 ThumbAfter 46 successful years, this supermarket chain meets its customers’ needs by continually going back to basics. Since its founding in 1962, B&R Stores has maintained a high level of success by keeping it simple. “We meet our customers’ needs to increase our sales,” said Larry Elias, director of sales and merchandising. “We’re very sales focused, and we’re very customer focused. Those two things go hand in hand.”

Brookshire1 ThumbAfter 80 years in the business of selling groceries, the team at Brookshire’s Grocery Company has learned how to look at the big picture and take change in stride. Carefully in-tune with the communities it serves, this company shows how to succeed and grow even in the face of rising prices and a weak economy.

Sunnyway1 ThumbA lot has changed for Sunnyway Foods in the last few years. The family-owned and operated independent grocery chain of southern Pennsylvania saw two Wal-Mart Super-centers and two Giant food stores move into the area in the late 1990s, as well as a Food Lion store less than a quarter mile from each of Sunnyway’s locations. But for Dean Martin, president, the new competition provided an opportunity.

Lightlife1 ThumbThis meat-free food company strengthens its brand recognition by reaching beyond the food and into our environmental consciousness. If the idea that eating well can help you save the planet seems a little far-fetched, then you’re not paying attention.

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