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PEARL VISION1Pearle Vision has been dedicated to helping its customers care for their eyes for more than 50 years. Its eye care specialists are involved in the customer’s eye care education, advanced care options and even selecting the right frames for eyeglasses. 

Dr. Stanley Pearle founded “Pearle Optical” in a small office in 1961 in Savannah, Ga. His vision was to provide the convenient, expert guidance of an eye care professional in the customers’ “backyard” along with on-site prescription eyeglass fulfillment and a large selection of designer frames. “I’m eager for it to be a good company, with a reputation for service and quality, because that’s what I’m all about,” Pearle said at the time. 

Today, the company name has changed to Pearle Vision and provides eye exams through independent doctors of optometry, which are located in the store or adjacent to one. Along with contact lenses, the company offers designer frames and a variety of eyeglass lenses. 

The company is a division of Luxottica Group, a leader in premium fashion, luxury and sports eyewear. Luxottica has about 7,000 optical and sun-glass retail stores in North America, Asia-Pacific, China, South Africa, Latin America and Europe. The group’s products are designed and manufactured in six Italy-based manufacturing plants, two wholly-owned plants in China and a sports sunglass production facility in the United States. 

Pearle Vision sets itself apart from its competitors because it continues to evolve to meet its patients’ changing needs and by providing quality products and services they desire. The company guarantees that if customers are not 100 percent satisfied with their eyewear, they can return them within 30 days and Pearle Vision will “make it right.” Because eye care specialists enjoy seeing their patients more than just a few times per year, the company also invites its customers to stop in and get their glasses professionally adjusted and cleaned for free. 

New Look Unveiled

In September 2013, Pearle Vision unveiled a completely redesigned neighborhood eye care center in Lyndhurst, Ohio, which is located about 250 miles from its Mason, Ohio, headquarters. The store is the model design for the rest of its more than 600 chain stores, which have the option to incorporate the changes in the future. Licensees will have the opportunity to transform their store using all or some of the new design elements. 

The new floor plan eliminates walls between the retail section and the doctor’s offices, bringing the doctor forward. This creates an open flow and atmosphere, according to the company. Along with the new space, Pearle Vision redesigned its logo, color palette and signage, and modernized its displays. The new eyeglasses icon is a tribute to the genuine heritage of Dr. Pearle and the Pearle Vision brand, the company states. Along with the new logo is “Est. 1961”, which reinforces the company’s commitment to a 50-year legacy. 

The company was busy in 2013 not only redesigning its image, but also expanding in the United States. Pearle Vision looked to broaden its range and targeted Florida, Ohio and Michigan as the first markets for its re-licensing effort. The company self-proclaims it has become North America’s largest and most trusted licensed optical brand.

Community Eye Care

Pearle Vision is dedicated to helping people care for their eyes inside and out of its offices. The company helps those in need by reaching out to charities around the world. More than 250 million adults and children worldwide suffer from issues with the health of their eyes and poor vision, but lack the resources to get assistance, according to the company. 

To help everyone have a clearer view of the world, Pearle Vision partners with charities such as OneSight to make sure that happens. Through OneSight, the company aids in the delivery of eyewear and genuine eye care to global and national eye clinics, as well as assistance through its own centers. More than 6 million people have received free eye exams and glasses through OneSight.

Along with providing eye care to those in need, OneSight provides funding to optometry research and scholarships. Pearle Vision is helped in achieving its goal of providing eyewear to those in need by its customers who donate gently used eyeglass. The company accepts women’s, men’s and children’s prescription eyeglasses, bifocals and nonprescription sunglasses. 

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