PVM GroupPerfetti van Melle Group dishes out unusual new licensed products for its Chupa Chups, Airheads and Mentos brands. By Kat Zeman

Not many companies can claim to have worked with Salvador Dalí, the Spanish surrealist. But Perfetti van Melle (PVM) Group, an Italian global manufacturer of candy and gum, can claim that honor. Dalí designed the original logo for one of the company’s brands, Chupa Chups, in the ’60s. This year, Dali’s work is being revived.

PVM Group has paired up with The Rodnik Band, a London-based art fashion label famous for its pop style and ironic take on fashion, to design a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of Dali’s work for new licensing collaborations for Chupa Chups, a popular Spanish brand of lollipop and other confectionery.

In addition to its core business, PVM Group develops licensing collaborations with a variety of popular brands including Mentos and Airheads. Its collaborations with major companies fall into the lifestyle sectors and select food and beverage categories.

Homefront GirlHomefront Girl pays tribute to ‘the other half of the brave.’ By Kat Zeman

Gaby Juergens knows what it feels like to be waiting at the home front. Her father and husband both served in the U.S. Army at times of war. Though she never served in the military, Juergens found herself in a close-knit community with a common bond: they were “the other half of the brave.”

“The military community is very big on supporting each other,” Juergens says. “There is a closeness between people that have lived this lifestyle. But it’s not an easy life.” Loved ones are often away for extended amounts of time. Loneliness is a frequent companion. Fear for a family member’s safety is always nagging. There are certain experiences that only people closely connected to service men and women understand.

“We are the original army of one,” she says. Joining other military spouses, Juergens would often volunteer for patriotic causes and spend a lot of time writing thank-you notes. That’s when she started experimenting with inspirational note cards designed for people in similar situations.

Doug The PugAfter conquering social media, Doug The Pug is branching out with licensing partnerships. By Alan Dorich

You don’t get more than a billion YouTube views and over 9 million followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter without having something special. And that’s exactly what Doug the Pug has, as the small canine has charmed his way into the hearts of people worldwide.

Doug’s owner, Leslie Mosier, saw this when she adopted him as an eight-week-old puppy. “His personality was larger than life,” she recalls. “I would have a lot of fun taking photos of him wearing cute little outfits.”

But Mosier did not see the potential to form a business around Doug until she got her own Instagram account. “Very quickly, I discovered the people following me on my Instagram only wanted to see Doug,” she recalls, noting that she created a separate one for her pet.

CapcomCapcom plans to remain authentic even as it expands its licensing and consumer products reach. By Bianca Herron

In an effort to keep its brands relevant and evergreen, Capcom USA transitioned John Diamonon from its marketing to licensing team as the Director of Licensing and Consumer Products two years ago. Diamonon had spent the prior seven years working on the Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom (MvC), Resident Evil and Mega Man franchises.

“One of my favorite projects was working with Marvel on MvC and learning the intricacies of third-party brand integrations,” Diamonon says. “This turned me on to licensing and the transition was a natural progression in my career. Licensing and marketing need to work in tandem to execute the long-term vision of a brand.”

Diamonon notes that licensing allows Capcom – a subsidiary of Capcom Co. Ltd., which markets, develops and distributes interactive entertainment software for all gaming platforms and consumer products in North and South America - to extend the reach of its brands to a wider audience and a more diverse demographic through a variety of product categories and channels.

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