Discovery1 ThumbSince forging a partnership with a new licensing agent two years ago, this global media company has seen more opportunities to capitalize on the strength of its brand awareness. Media brands are among the fastest growing properties in the licensing industry. The partnership of Discovery Communications and The Joester Loria Group has accelerated the growth of two of the most popular and well-known media brands in North America, with the introduction of on-brand licensing programs for Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. 

Sesame1 ThumbWhether it’s learning the ABCs, celebrating a birthday, or grieving the loss of a parent, this organization is there to help children get through it all. It’s estimated that 254 children are born every minute of every day. Sesame Workshop believes each of those children deserves the opportunity to reach their highest potential, starting with education. 

Nickelodeon1 ThumbNickelodeon is beloved by millions of families, and the company’s consumer products division makes the most of its popular characters. The kids who have grown up watching Nickelodeon over the past 30 years are now having children of their own, and Nickelodeon Consumer Products is making the most of that potential for family viewing. The consumer products division works with the top retailers in every channel of distribution to create products that are extensions of the properties and characters that Nickelodeon audiences love, according to Leigh Anne Brodsky, president of consumer products.

Guinness1 ThumbThanks to its enviable brand strength, the undisputed expert on record-breaking feats has spent the past few years ramping up its licensing activities. Not only is Guinness World Records the world’s leading expert on breaking records, it has one of the most recognizable brands on Earth. The company started 55 years ago in London after the managing director of the Guinness Brewery had a debate over what game bird was the fastest and decided to create a definitive book with answers to similar questions. The first edition of the book was bound in August 1955, immediately reflecting the promise of the concept when it became the number one best seller by that Christmas. 

Licensinglink1 ThumbWith 45 years of expertise in its pocket, this 15-year-old licensing agency is taking its industry by storm. Karen Spitz, founder and president of New York-based licensing agency Licensing Link Ltd, states two concepts about licensing as though they are fact. One: it is never boring because everyday is different. Two: it isn’t rocket science to figure out. 

Ncaa1 ThumbThis organization not only governs the athletic programs of US colleges and universities, it governs the licensing potential of its multiple brands and events. The licensing program at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) was once housed within the organization’s brand and promotions team. Today, primarily the corporate and broadcast alliances group and the organization’s strategic partner, Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), handle it, but the purpose behind the licensing arm of the national organization remains the same. 

Pinkalicious1 ThumbThis HarperCollins book series captured the imagination of millions of young girls and will continue to delight fans with a collection of consumer products inspired by more magical adventures and a unique style. The Joester Loria Group was appointed as the global licensing agent for Pinkalicious, the hugely successful children’s book series illustrated by Victoria Kann, in October 2009 as pent up demand for licensed product was becoming apparent, according to Debra Joester, president of Joester Loria.

Precious1 ThumbSam Butcher’s message of honoring the goodness in others isn’t lost even after 30 years due to a focused licensing approach. We recognize his figurines instantly: those teardrop eyes, cute little faces, and inspirational messages that fit the character’s actions all too well. It’s been more than 30 years since Sam Butcher began drawing these Precious Moments for family and friends, but the sentiment he hoped to convey with his creations then remains the same today.

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