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Have you ever donated to a Kickstarter campaign that had a really awesome product idea? And once it got funded, did you find yourself waiting around for months and months wondering if you’d ever get your backer reward delivered? You’re not alone. In fact, only 20 percent of crowdfunded projects are delivered on time.

Many people who utilize Kickstarter or other crowdfunding resources may have a great idea and plan in theory, but have little idea how to go into full production to execute their innovative new product. Riverwood Solutions, an innovator in managed supply chain services and operations consulting, revealed a new solution that will help crowdfunded projects through the full product realization lifecycle.

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Tickets for this year’s Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival (NYCWFF) are on sale now! This Oct. 15-18, chefs, culinary icons, consumers and more will come together for this delicious, fun-filled, educational festival.

But first, let’s throwback to last year’s NYCWFF. More than 55,000 people of all ages, backgrounds and culinary interests attended the 130, 000-square-foot festival. Although 57 percent of attendees were based in New York, people came from all over the world to attend, including foodies of Australia, England, Switzerland, Guatemala and Brazil.

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Tapping into influencers as brand advocates when launching a new product in the beauty industry is rapidly growing as one of the most popular strategies to launch a brand to millions of active consumers. The problem with relying solely on this launch strategy is that many brands think this approach is simple, quick and easy. The truth is that while using influencers as a path for exposure is a great way to expand a brand’s audience, reach should be factored into marketing and PR plans when a product is ready for retail; the problem is that it isn’t all that easy when done correctly. As a way to get the most out of a relationship with influencers at launch, employ these four following tactics.

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Poor collaboration can kill your company and increase failures in the workplace, according to Salesforce. In fact, 97 percent of those surveyed think a lack of alignment with their team impacts the outcome of a project. To stay on top of your business, you need to do more than just stay in touch with your employees when you are out of the office. Instead, carefully pick and choose technology and collaboration tools to monitor what's going on in your store even when you are out.

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If you like to make and sell Shrinky Dink jewelry or have an abundance of vintage clothing to sell, Etsy is your go-to.It fosters not only an environment of creativity, but also a social connection. While the site works wonders for a consumer looking for a one-of-a-kind art print or vintage bag, it brings people of an entrepreneurial spirit together. Before Etsy, most people were limited to selling their creations and vintage items on eBay or a personal site, but Etsy takes the hard work out of that, allowing people to focus on crafting, creating and making money for their hard work.

This month, Etsy celebrates its 10th anniversary. Its meek beginnings in a Brooklyn apartment in 2005 have evolved into a successful platform for people of all countries and talents to sell and buy goods.

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Due to low sales, 175 underperforming Gap stores are closing across North America, along with the chain eliminating more than 250 corporate jobs. Store sales have been in decline for the past five quarters and this action is an attempt to save and revive the leftover stores. Once these stores are closed, Gap will be left with 500 regular retail stores and 300 retail outlets. And it projects to be saving $25 million by 2016.

But what Gap really needs to save is its brand.

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Many stores do not have a store-specific app for their customers, which could be detrimental to sales in the long run. People like to pre-shop before getting to the store to see what's available and if your customers can't easily access your merchandise via mobile, they may head to a competitor instead. The following infographic illustrates why it's important for all retail stores to utilize the growing popularity of mobile apps. Nearly every consumer is connected online and most of them via a smartphone, so retailers need to capitalize on this trend because it's not going away.

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During summer music festivals, the heat is oppressive and dehydration happens easily. So much so that one might get extremely dizzy in the middle of a large crowd. Which is exactly what happened to me a few years ago at Lollapalooza in Chicago. Upon arrival to the first aid tent, I was handed not a bottle of water, but a box of water. Initially, I thought this was a bizarre way to drink water, but I learned that Boxed Water’s design has the environment in mind.

Boxed Water’s packaging is made of BPA-free material, with 76 percent being made from paper. And it’s recyclable. This can make a huge difference when only 13 percent of plastic bottles are recycled every year, according to the NRDC, while the rest end up in landfills, not decomposing for thousands of years. To get this message out, Boxed Water has teamed up with Banana Republic to reach a new audience and put its product directly in consumers’ hands. It will be featured in 11 flagship stores across the United States and Canada. The campaign will encourage Banana Republic customers to pick up a free 500 mL sample of Boxed Water while they shop.

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