King’s Hawaiian is determined to make strategic product decisions based on data.

By Mark Lawton

While King’s Hawaiian is best known for its sweet Hawaiian bread, it doesn’t think of itself that way. “We have positioned ourselves as a Hawaiian foods company,” says John Linehan, president, chief strategy officer and chief planning officer. “We’re sold in the deli or bakery, not in the commercial bread aisle. Our competition is less other breads and more special foods mom brings home.”


An almost century-old chocolatier is relaunching its name brand

to cement its reputation and grow even more.

By Mark Lawton, Knighthouse Media

Pretty much everyone considers buying a box of Russell Stover chocolates to mark a special occasion or holiday. “We are the market leader at Valentine’s Day,” explains Mark Riegel, who is vice president of marketing. “Russell Stover is known as an occasion-based gift brand.”


FoodScience wants to educate dog owners about adding vegetable-based treats to their diets.

By Mark Lawton

There is a widespread misconception that dogs need only meat. But in reality, “Dogs are omnivores,” FoodScience CEO Sharon Rossi says. “Both humans and dogs have the ability to gain energy and nutrients from plants. If we only give our dogs meat, meat and more meat, it’s not optimal for what they need. The truth is that dogs need both meat and roughage [fruits and vegetables].”

BlairCandy Family

Blair Candy Co. finds its sweet spot with e-commerce, attracting wholesalers

and retailers nationwide to its vast and unique candy offerings.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers, Knighthouse Media

The Dandrea family knows candy. What began in 1939 as a corner store selling candy and newspapers has blossomed into an impressive distribution company that has evolved and diversified over the past eight decades to remain successful. Today, Blair Candy Co. is in its third generation of ownership led by President Patrick Dandrea, Vice President Terry Dandrea, CFO Bill Ajay and Director of E-Commerce Pam Macharola with the fourth generation waiting in the wings to move the company into the future.


High Ridge Brands specializes in making 'the impossible happen.'

By Alan Dorich, Knighthouse Media

Some might think it would be impossible for a company to evolve its complete product line within a year, but High Ridge Brands Co. has defied those expectations. “We have made the impossible happen,” CEO Patricia Lopez says.

Based in Stamford, Conn., High Ridge Brands is one of the largest independent branded personal care firms in North America. The company was formed in 2010 to purchase the rights to Zest in the United States, Canada and other territories from Procter & Gamble.

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