When RadioShack was formed by brothers Theodore and Milton Deutschmann, it was to provide equipment for the newly formed (in 1921) field of amateur radio (ham). They opened one store and a mail-order operation in downtown Boston and chose the name Radio Shack, referring to the small, wooden structure that housed a ship’s radio equipment.





  • Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas
  • Founding year: 1921
  • Number of locations as of January 2011: approximately 7,200
  • Exclusive private brands: Gigaware, PointMobl, Auvio, and Enercell
  • 2010 net sales: $4.47 billion

Although times have changed in the 90 years since the company opened its first set of doors near the site of the Boston Massacre, what hasn’t is the company’s focus on offering a broad selection of relevant technologies, including mobile devices, accessories, and services; personal and home technology; and power supply needs.

“In 2010, we demonstrated our commitment to consistent long-term growth by building and expanding our wireless business,” said RadioShack Chairman and CEO Julian Day. “We also made great strides in raising awareness and consideration of The Shack brand by engaging new and existing customers with more relevant and exciting brand positioning.”

Jim Gooch, president and CFO, said, “Our priority for 2011 is to continue to make operational improvements that enhance our mobility, innovation, and service offerings for customers. We strongly believe mobility products are the cornerstones of our future. We also remain committed to our plans to improve our non-wireless product platforms.”

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