This Animal Planet grooming line provides essential tools and are enriched with natural ingredients and essential vitamins to keep a dog’s coat soft, clean and healthy.



Antibacterial Training Pads are ideal for puppies and dogs that stay indoors. AKC Training Pads are made up of a six-layer composition.



ASPCA Sherpa Pet Bed Bundle features an ultra-plush Sherpa pet bed and a snuggly plush bone pillow. It’s eco-friendly and machine washable.



Customize your cat or dog’s meal portions and mealtime and take the guesswork out of meal control for your beloved pet.

This fun kit features four dinosaur models! Includes corresponding fact sheets and fun tips about each dinosaur, Dino Dan “Dinoculars,” and a full-length Dino Dan episode from the Dino Dan series featuring the T-Rex and an exclusive educational video clip about the dinosaur.

New Mountain Dew snapback hats from Concept One Accessories feature an allover print with 3-D and flat embroidery along with contrasting under brim and cap taping. Available at leading retailers.



America’s Choice Low Fat Wildberry or Orange Sorbet & Ice Cream Bars are 110 to 120 calories. Sold exclusively at A&P, Pathmark, Waldbaum’s, Superfresh and Food Basics.



America’s Choice Low Fat Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches are only 140 calories and sold exclusively at A&P, Pathmark, Waldbaum’s, Superfresh and Food Basics.