Annoying Orange costumes for adults, teens and children will be available this Halloween. The costumes will be based on the most popular characters from the hit Web series and top rated TV show on Cartoon Network including Orange, Apple and Pear.

Now you can eat the delicious fruit you slice in the game! Ninja’s will now have their choice of delicious fruit snacks or mouthwatering gummies (sour and traditional).



This stylish pet blanket is designed with plush Sherpa lining, available in the perfect colors for hiding pet hair. Now your loving pet can join you on the couch or in the car without the hassle of cleaning pet hair.



Licking the ball releases water with no waste. These 24 oz. stainless steel dog water bottles are also BPA-free. This fast-moving item comes in two styles at Available with award-winning display.

The Clean & Clear Essentials line offers products for varying skin types and allows teens to create their own skincare routine. Each product is labeled with numbers for easy identification and provides a simplified skincare process for clearer, healthier-looking skin.

The fun-dead fiends and zombie-zapping vegetation of PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies are in stores now, thanks to Bioworld! Winner of more than 30 Game of the Year awards, Plants vs. Zombies is an international hit for people of all ages.

New Annoying Orange toys including a 12” talking playface pillow, 3.5” talking holiday plush, and a talking dart board that can hang anywhere and includes six Velcro balls will be out this holiday.



Annoying Orange electronics accessories including earbuds and iPhone and iPad cases, will hit retail stores this holiday. The products from Sakar will feature the characters from Annoying Orange, the popular hit web series and top rated TV show on Cartoon Network.