For girls on the go, these adorable coin purses make shopping fun! Shaped like kimmidoll junior dolls, they are delightful and exciting to carry.



These unique pens feature a bobblehead on the top of the pen. The pen’s cap is attached to a stretch cord, so it never gets lost. Writing is 100 times more fun when the doll’s head bobbles to and fro! 



Saving up money for more kimmidoll junior merchandise? These charming coin banks are a great way to do it and they look terrific on a shelf, too.



Wow, are these cute! Each mini note pad comes with a pen and a charm and is super fun for writing notes to friends! 

Now girls can express themselves and write about the fun they’ve had with friends using these adorable kimmidoll junior notebooks. 



Collectible figures and plush from PopCap’s fun-dead phenomenon, Plants vs. Zombies, are coming to stores near you from Jazwares. Plants vs. Zombies is a fan favorite.



Our award winning Hydroshield serum is a hydrating superpower that is clinically tested to deliver a 184 percent increase in hydration in 15 minutes to drastically reduce the look of dry lines and wrinkles almost immediately. An undisputed customer favorite!

Hybrid has produced Fruit Ninja themed T-Shirts for the mass market since 2011.