A culture of continuous improvement has enabled this lunchmeat company to find significant growth and develop sustainable practices without sacrificing quality. Although Land O’Frost was founded in 1958, two later points in the company’s storyline propelled it to its current position as the third largest brand of packaged luncheon meats in the US. The first was in 1960 when the second generation of the Van Eekeren family, Paul, took control of the sales side of the business.

This creator and manufacturer of healthy foods makes it fun for kids to eat healthy without leaving taste behind. Eight years later, Ian’s has made a name for itself as an innovator of quality convenience foods that use only the finest natural and organic ingredients. The company is doing so well that it has increased its top line figures, plus 20%, already this year. Terence Dalton, general manager and COO, said this kind of growth comes from Ian’s successfully differentiating itself with its product offering. 

A precise understanding of quality has given this Montreal-based beauty company room to grow across Canada and into the US. Madame Lise Watier has always understood that beauty means more than applying makeup. It requires finesse, taste, and an understanding of quality. In 1968, she founded the Institut Lise Watier in Montreal to teach women those fundamentals through classes on etiquette, how to dress properly for an interview, how to do their hair and apply makeup, and a myriad of other subjects. 

With high-quality products and a focus on customer service, the third generation of this family owned poultry manufacturer is continuing its legacy. There was a shake-up in the poultry industry during 2008 as commodity prices soared and manufacturers tried to stay in the black. Some succeeded, some didn’t. Dean Koplik, VP of operations for Murray’s Chicken, doesn’t have a complicated formula to explain how the New York-based manufacturer and distributor survived.

With a legacy in food and beverage, this organic and natural product exporter is growing by understanding the needs of domestic manufacturers and foreign customers. The middleman takes a lot of flack nowadays, but in some industries, cutting him out would be like cutting off your nose to spite your face. California-based Nature’s SunGrown Foods is the perfect example, serving as an important conduit between domestic food manufacturers and foreign consumer food companies.

Through this company’s audience response technology, businesses in retail, education, healthcare, and beyond find new ways to track responses and put information to work. In today’s world, businesses in every industry are clamoring for data, data, and more data. Compiling information and subsequent analysis helps create everything from one-time marketing campaigns to long-term strategic plans. But what if the information is inaccurate, outdated, or misinterpreted? Fortunately, Turning Technologies has a solution: real time audience response technology.

With a unique processing method and the ability to use an all-natural sweetener as more than just a sugar substitute, this stevia producer is quickly making a name for itself in the food industry both as a tabletop sweetener and as an ingredient in food and beverages. “You can imagine my wife’s reaction when I told her not to write any checks because I’d given away all of our money the night before to a young man on his way to Paraguay,” said May. “In the public eye, I went from being respected as the foremost expert in administrative aspects of end-stage renal disease to being considered a quack because I was interested in herbs.”

This pasta company knows what consumers want from a plate of pasta. By reorganizing its innovation platform and maintaining a strong corporate structure, it’s able to deliver. It was only a few years ago that consumers were heading straight past the pasta aisle and straight to the meat counter. But the no-carb, high-protein diet was just a fad, and as the economy continues to push people to their financial breaking point, more people are heading down that pasta aisle. 

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