This store fixture manufacturer is holding its own in a down market by listening to what customers want and adjusting to meet their needs. If you think the current state of the retail industry would have a negative impact on a retail store fixture supplier, think again. Retailers needing to adjust and rearrange their stores to better suit the changing market keep KC Store Fixtures busy, although not in quite the same fashion as the company has done in previous years. 

For 80 years, this organization has remained strong, and despite a down economy, its footprint continues to grow. Alexandria, Minn.-based Henry’s Foods ties its roots back to 1929 when founder Henry Eidsvold took on a dairy route that stretched around parts of rural Minnesota. From there, he began to sell candy, and eventually he began to offer cigars and cigarettes to his customers too.

This private label sales and marketing broker reevaluated its processes and found a way to offer its customers more for less. Several years ago, Federated Group, a retail brand owner and broker representing manufacturers at retailers and wholesalers, adjusted its business model. The company uses commission it receives from manufacturers to develop and expand its customers’ brands and drive their businesses.

When one of the world’s largest global generic pharmaceutical manufacturers wanted to move into the US successfully, it made strategic acquisitions to develop a pipeline and build critical mass. Before 2005, Actavis Group was not a player in the US generic pharmaceutical marketplace. In four short years, the US division of this global company, Actavis Inc. grew its net revenues to $600 million and positioned itself as one of the leaders in the industry. 

For this company, success is about more than lots of products on the shelves; it’s also about satisfied employees and playing a positive role in the community. If a company wants its ex-employees to be ambassadors who bring in new talent and enjoy a reputation for high quality product and be a key player in its community, Preferred Brands International, manufacturer of the brand Tasty Bite, is a great example to follow.

One of the largest private label specialty coffee suppliers in the US continues to find new ways to bring the highest quality product to consumers. Founded in 1982, Distant Lands is the only vertically integrated specialty coffee company in the US. With more than 30 years of farming experience and more than 20 years of roasting experience, the company has developed a seed-to-cup business structure that begins by maintaining close contact with coffee farms and mills across the world. 

By keeping its standards high and treating its hens in the most humane way possible, this organic and cage-free egg producer/distributor sets itself apart from the rest. Since its establishment in 1953, Chino Valley Ranchers has maintained a three-part mission: to provide consumers the freshest eggs at the best price, to treat its hens in the safest and most humane way possible, and to put back into the earth as much as it takes out. 

With an eye on design and a backbone built for business, this interactive confectionary manufacturer continues to make history in the world of toys and treats. The interactive confectionary product industry was relatively underdeveloped until Candyrific came along. But that didn’t stop Rob Auerbach and his two partners, Mike and Paul Roberts, from exploring the possibilities of bringing the candy and interactive toy industries together.

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