Ecr1 ThumbFor more than two decades, this company has provided retailers with the software solutions and service they need to maximize their efficiencies. At the beginning, ECR Software Corporation (ECRS) was a small software company built to deliver retail automation solutions by delivering on promises made to customers and employees. That commitment allowed this Boone, NC company to grow to include 70 employees with a network of salespeople, support technicians, and installation specialists around the country. 

Fdj1 ThumbAfter a change in ownership, this company was able to regain financial strength and reposition itself in the denim market. FDJ French Dressing has built a strong reputation throughout the years. This became especially significant when, in June 2008, the company experienced financial turmoil and was forced to file a notice of intent to file for bankruptcy. According to CEO Noah Stern, who brought the company out of bankruptcy with his partners, it was this strong reputation that saved the organization from dissolution. 

Harvesttime1 ThumbThis New Jersey-based private-label bakery can help retailers provide high quality breads and rolls faster and cheaper. Harvest Time Bread may be a relatively young company, but it has a wealth of experience that puts it ahead of the game as a supplier of high-quality, artisan, all-natural, organic and whole-grain fully baked and frozen breads and rolls. A large part of the company’s success lies in the fact that it can supply frozen fully baked or parbaked bread products to major supermarket chains.

Housefoods1 ThumbThis subsidiary of one of Japan’s largest food manufacturers is on a mission to increase sales and help Americans eat healthier. Shigeru Natake is on a mission to get Americans to eat more tofu. The president of House Foods America, which recently expanded its tofu producing capabilities to the East Coast, sees an opportunity to increase this nation’s intake of the healthy Asian staple.

Keynote1 ThumbMobile and Web-based technology continue to evolve, and this organization is working hard to help its clients keep pace. The rapidly increasing availability of broadband Internet access continues to change how people think, live, work, and interact with one another on a daily basis. The e-commerce platform has certainly taken off in the last few years, and the introduction of smart phones has made it easier than ever for consumers to find sales, regardless of the device they’re using. 

Aloette1 ThumbWith a refreshed Web site and a strong first phase of new products, this beauty supply company is gearing up for a new era of market dominance. During the Great Depression, three products saw almost no dip in sales: candy, nylons, and make-up. Tom Judson, president of Aloette Cosmetics, said skin care and make-up products are relatively inexpensive luxuries that women will not go without, regardless of the economy. So Aloette, a well-established division of Astral Brands, hasn’t been impacted too much by the current recession. But that’s not to say the company is resting on its laurels.

Turtleisland1 ThumbA commitment to creating better non-meat protein options eventually led this company to create a brand that is still changing the industry. For 30 years, Turtle Island Foods has been on a mission to provide better options for vegetarians and introduce others to the tasty and healthy protein alternatives of soybeans and tofu. Located in Hood River, Ore., the company began as a small start-up in 1980 making tempeh, a traditional Indonesian fermented cake made of beans and/or grains. However, it wasn’t until 1995 that Turtle Island Foods changed the vegetarian landscape forever.

Worldgourmet1 ThumbInstead of feeding the fad-diet frenzy, this food manufacturer is developing great tasting, healthy snacks and has big plans for future offerings. Most grocery shoppers today are looking for products that are lower in price and healthy yet still taste good.  Finding the right fit for each family can be a challenge, but Jason Cohen and Jerry Bello seem to have found the right mix with their brand of better-for-you snacks called Sensible Portions.

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