This fourth generation family owned company proves that even though you’re short on time, you don’t have to be short on quality. Just because we run at a faster pace than our predecessors doesn’t mean we can’t take the time to eat healthy. Eighty years ago, Clara Blake started Blake’s Turkey Farm, raising and selling award winning fresh-dressed turkeys. Forty-one years later, her grandson, Charlie Blake, began selling chicken pies out of the back of his truck to his neighbors using his grandmother’s original recipe. 

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The desire to share the tastes of Jamaica earned this entrepreneur millions and a chance to share his wealth with others. At his first US job, Vincent HoSang earned $1.60 an hour. Today, he’s president and CEO of Caribbean Food Delights, a multi-million-dollar Caribbean food manufacturing and distribution organization with more than 70 employees. 

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This skin and beauty care company connects with US consumers by understanding how they want to feel, what they want to buy, and who they listen to. Beauty isn’t only about how you look; it’s also about how you feel, especially to someone else. For Beiersdorf North America, the US division of one of the leading skin and beauty care companies in the world, feeling beautiful comes down to more than a positive attitude. 

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This cooperative developed green initiatives to increase its efficiency and decrease its carbon footprint. Some companies focus solely on increasing sales and revenue, but Organic Valley Family of Farms is also concerned with making the world a better place. To achieve the latter goal, the organization distributes healthy food that comes straight from the earth.  

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Amidst a recession, this company’s restaurants continue to thrive, allowing its owners the opportunity to reach into other markets. New York City is where people go to make their dreams come true, but as many learn the hard way, real ambition is what sets the dreamers apart from those who succeed. Eric and Bruce Bromberg, co-owners of Blue Ribbon Restaurants, have proven they fall into the latter category.

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The company behind one of the nation’s top-selling yogurt brands is innovating to find new ways to bring its healthy products to consumers. The tagline for The Dannon Company, Inc. is ‘Today, for tomorrow.’ It sounds simple, and it is—as simple as having a cup of yogurt to nourish your body, and that’s the point. “It reflects Dannon’s philosophy that to enjoy the best of what life has to offer tomorrow, we need to take care of ourselves today,” said Marc Jove, senior vice president of marketing for Dannon, a US division of the Danone Group. 

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Bob Goldberg and the team at this food manufacturing and distribution company believe in their mission to bring vegetarian, all-natural, and organic food to the country. In the 1970s, there were four friends who ran a lunch bar in a Canoga Park, Calif. health food store. When the owners decided to sell the store, the friends bought it and created one of the first strictly vegetarian food stores. Two of those friends went  on to run one of the fastest growing natural, organic, and vegetarian food manufacturers in the country today.

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This California-based toy manufacturer sends a message of innovation and imagination with each of its products. After 30 years, how many toy manufacturers can still say they manufacture their signature product in the US? Not many. But Little Tikes, sister company to MGA Entertainment, can. As the parent company to brands including Bratz, Bratz Kidz, Zapf Creation, and Rescue Pets, MGA is proud of its American heritage and even more proud of the message its products send. 

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