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Strong personal belief, as well as a philosophy of customer service and employee satisfaction, guide Carter’s Supermarket’s owners through competitive and other challenges.

By Jim Harris

Carter’s Supermarket’s owners know the company faces a significant challenge from big-box and other national retailers setting up shop in its home base in Livingston Parish in Louisiana. The stores’ dedication to customer service and the strong religious conviction of its owners, however, allow it to meet and rise above adversity.


Benzer Pharmacy offers independent pharmacies support against the national chains.

By Chris Petersen

For generations, the mom-and-pop drugstore was a fixture of American life, but over the years the pharmacy landscape has come to be dominated by the rise of chains. However, that dominance is somewhat misleading, as Benzer Pharmacy President Alpesh Patel explains. Although large pharmacy chains like CVS and Walgreens certainly make up a large portion of the market, the independent pharmacy remains a significant force. “If you see the numbers, there are about 28,000 independent pharmacies, as opposed to 10,000 for CVS or Walgreens,” Patel says.


Buy for Less, Super Mercado and Uptown Grocery Co. serve the diverse population of the Oklahoma City metro area with fresh products and excellent customer service.

By Stephanie Crets

Husband-and-wife team Hank and Susan Binkowski have been running a series of grocery stores across the Oklahoma City metro area since 1988. They’ve gradually expanded over the last 28 years and now own nine Buy for Less stores, four Super Mercados and two Uptown Grocery Co. locations.

Every store is different, catering to the demographic area it serves, but still maintaining its commitment to selling fresh, diverse and economical food products. “We try to take a location where we have a store or a projected store and marry it to the community it’s in,” President and CEO Hank Binkowski says. “The differences are all over the demographic board, but we have some services that are limited, depending on the store.”

The Uptown Grocery locations tend to be the most abundant in services with event planning, a floral business and catering services for weddings and wakes. In addition, they offer a plentiful amount of organic products, but customers can still find everyday groceries as well. It’s also become a place for a variety of people to spend time drinking coffee, having a glass of wine, attending a cooking class or even holding meetings.

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