Big Saver Foods tailors its products to all of its customers in each of its 14 California locations.

By Stephanie Crets

Catering to the communities it serves is Big Saver Foods’ focus. With only 14 locations in California, the company can easily tailor its stores and products to customers. “We can really custom-tailor the stores because we’re small,” Vice President of Marketing, Procurement and Strategy Jose Huerta says. “If we had 300 stores, we couldn’t do that, and it’s an advantage of being small.”

For example, its Santa Ana store is in a predominately Mexican-American neighborhood, so the store merchandises it in a way that appeals to those residents. On the other hand, its Rosemead store is in a neighborhood with a largely Asian-American population, so that store carries a different selection of products. 

Another advantage of being a smaller, neighborhood store is that Big Saver Foods’ employees can really get to know the clientele. They learn customers’ names, can recommend products to them more easily and even offer tips or recipe recommendations on how to cook something. This, in turn, creates a family atmosphere throughout all of Big Saver Foods’ stores.

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From the store sales floor to the behind-the-scenes technology, Kid to Kid is different from the typical resale store.

By Chris Petersen

Any parent will tell you that one of the most challenging things about kids growing up is keeping up with their wardrobes. When you consider how quickly a child can grow out of his or her entire closet, the prospect of having to buy all-new clothes every few months can be a daunting one, especially from a family budget perspective.

Although resale shops can provide a respite from high-priced new clothing, shopping at many of them can be confusing and time-consuming as parents sift through a selection that isn’t always great. That’s why Kid to Kid stands out in the children’s resale segment, owner Shauna Sloan says, because Kid to Kid offers families a shopping experience above and beyond the typical resale environment.

Kid to Kid is one of two resale franchises operated by Basecamp Franchising, a Salt Lake City-based company founded by Brent and Shauna Sloan. The inspiration for Kid to Kid came from a very simple place. “We had a lot of little kids,” Sloan says.

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Market Basket stands out from the crowd in east Texas and Louisiana by providing the selection and customer service that its shoppers are looking for.

By Eric Slack

Since opening its first location in 1961, Market Basket has focused on providing an extraordinary food shopping experience to its customers. Today, Market Basket remains a privately owned grocer serving the east Texas and Louisiana region with 34 full-service supermarkets.

“Service is what we hang our hat on, and that helps us compete against bigger chains by offering a community oriented and family atmosphere,” President Skylar Thompson says.

Currently, Market Basket employs more than 2,000 supermarket associates. Market Basket supermarkets aim to provide exceptional value on grocery foods while providing innovative supermarket solutions and a full assortment of grocery products. Its offerings include fresh produce, quality meats, bakery goods and floral arrangements, as well as pharmacy services in select grocery store locations.

“We are a conventional supermarket that prides itself on being the friendliest in town, providing fast service and making sure people don’t have to wait long in lines,” Thompson says.

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Candle-lite and PartyLite merge under the Luminex Home Décor and Fragrance name to bring unique products to a broader audience.

By Stephanie Crets

Understanding consumers’ needs and developing products that appeal to them is the focus of Luminex Home Décor and Fragrance Co. The company is well positioned to provide high-quality home fragrance and home décor products from its one-million-square-foot manufacturing and distribution facility, along with providing a high level of service to its customers.

Luminex HDF is a new company, representing the unification of two organizations with long-standing histories in the industry: Candle-lite Company and PartyLite. Candle-lite, which celebrated its 175th anniversary last year, is America’s oldest candle manufacturer and reaches more consumers through mass-market retailers than any other manufacturer. PartyLite, on the other hand, is a direct-to-consumer sales company with more than 45,000 sales consultants in 19 countries. Where pricing is concerned, Candle-lite competes primarily in the value segment, while PartyLite is tailored to the premium market.

What brought these two companies together was the vision set out by the executive team and private equity partners of both businesses. Candle-lite was acquired by the Centre Lane Partners back in January 2014, while the Carlyle Group acquired PartyLite in October 2015. What they recognized was a great opportunity to create operational synergies and gain significant benefits from bringing these two companies together, with the merger of Candle-lite and PartyLite under the umbrella of Luminex HDF, completed in May 2016.


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Placing elements such as customers, employees, partners and communities at the top have helped Petroleum Marketing Group to grow.

By Eric Slack

Every company claims to put customers and employees first, but Petroleum Marketing Group (PMG) truly walks the walk. The company is constantly investing in its employees and giving back to its communities, and it believes that its success depends on a team approach to business. 

“We always use ‘we’ and not ‘I’ when it comes to the work and business within the company,” President and CEO Hossein Ejtemai says. “It takes all of us to make this work and be a success.”

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