An entrepreneurial business venture that started in 1995 has turned into a Midwestern C-store success story. Across the Midwest, there’s one name that people associate with quality and convenience: Gas Mart USA. Founded in 1995 by a group of entrepreneurs looking to acquire, develop, construct, and operate convenience stores across Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, and Nebraska, the company now boasts annual revenue of $375 million and employs more than 400 individuals, and its team hasn’t stopped looking for ways to grow and improve. 

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This mall-based franchise handles its customers’ valuables with the utmost care while also supporting its franchisees with the same gentle touch. In the past 25 years, malls have sprung up, gained popularity, and are now seemingly in their twilight. But within these retail meccas, Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs has flourished, and unlike many other mall-based stores, this franchised business is seeing strong growth and increased popularity even as the traffic to malls slows down.

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This convenience retailer has implemented a wide range of upgrades to improve the lives of its associates and its customers. Whether it’s installing cash acceptors at its gasoline pumps, installing a multi-million-dollar POS system to ease the flow of business and simplify associates’ jobs, or segregating its various business segments into more logical and manageable pieces, the goal of The Spinx Company, Inc. is the same: making life easier. 

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This Canadian-based creative director blends the best of healthy and happy feet with high-fashion shoe designs. In 1993, Ron White was a young man in his 20s living in a basement apartment and using Visa cash advances and small family loans to get his business off the ground. Today, the name Ron White resonates with Canadians and Americans alike as the place to go and the person to see if you want your feet to feel fashionably wonderful. 

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This Canadian cooperative retailer and developer of outdoor gear maintains its strength by keeping a secure hold on what its members want while not losing sight of its founding purpose. This Canadian cooperative retailer and developer of outdoor gear maintains its strength by keeping a secure hold on what its members want while not losing sight of its founding purpose.

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Rather than focusing on how much consumers spend, this retail Mecca focuses on providing well-rounded, family focused entertainment options for its guests. With 4.3 miles of total storefront footage, it’s hard to imagine how Mall of America could get any larger. But the 4.2 million square feet of space that now make up the Minnesota-based retail mall only account for the first phase of the original vision. The entire project has yet to be realized.

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By never compromising its quality, this European bakery has maintained a place in the hearts of Los Angeles residents. In the last 100 years, Viktor Benes Bakery has become such a staple in Los Angeles that even the mention of its infamous Alligator cake is enough to make mouths water. Ugo Mamolo, the bakery’s president, said the pecan coffee cake sells in such high numbers, it’s almost as though people are addicted.

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The world’s largest shoe store promises to keep your feet and your wallet happy. Much has changed in the last 125 years, but one thing that hasn’t is people’s need for shoes. Whether it’s a pair of buckled boots or a pair of hot pink pumps, people need to cover their feet, and they want to do so in style. This is where Reyers Shoe Store comes in. 

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