Lisa Frank’s iconic unicorns, puppies, kittens and tigers are enchanting a new generation of ‘tweens and twenty-somethings in a renewed upsurge of licensing interest.

By Russ Gager

Evolving a brand with the times is a tricky business, especially when you are Lisa Frank, whose eponymous company has been synonymous since the 1980s with rainbow-hued stickers, stationery and school supplies featuring rainbows and adorable unicorns, puppies, pandas, kittens and tigers. Frank’s intense colors – which are printed using a proprietary mix of four inks – appeal to youngsters at that impressionable age when the world still seems filled with possibilities for inspiration, happiness and joy.

Examples of Lisa Frank’s brightly colorful artwork can be found on the company’s Facebook page. Here the works of art are paired with humorous and motivational sayings. For example, in one piece of artwork, waterfowl waddle against a background of snowflakes above the inscription, “Why Walk When You Can Dance?” Bunny gardeners harvest chicks and tulips, yellow puppies salivate over dog bone sundaes and unicorns jump over the moon.

Adults of a certain age – usually in their 20s and 30s now – recall the ubiquity of Frank’s many licensed products in grammar school. One thirty-something recalls that everybody in his grammar school – and not just the girls – seemed to have a Lisa Frank folder. Cumulative retail sales of Lisa Frank products have exceeded $1 billion since the company was founded. With that deep of a market penetration, Lisa Frank’s brand is a valuable property

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The Joester Loria Group elevates the Pepsi Emoji experience with a new collection of Pepsi Emoji licensed products launching this summer.

By Chris Petersen

From world music tours to backyard barbecues – it’s safe to say that where there’s a good time this summer, Pepsi will be there. And as social media makes it possible for the concertgoers and the cookout kings to stay in touch with each other, Pepsi will be there, too.

This summer, Pepsi is rolling out its innovative PepsiMoji campaign that encourages consumers to “Say It With Pepsi” as they share their summer fun across various social media platforms. The U.S. campaign features more than 200 custom-designed emojis that will appear on Pepsi bottles and marketing materials, encouraging consumers to collect and share them over social media. These unique and fun designs also will appear on a collection of licensed products over the course of the summer, and helping Pepsi build that side of the campaign has been The Joester Loria Group (JLG), one of the world’s leading licensing agencies.

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