Two elements differentiate ODL from most manufacturers of home building products. The first: the company manufactures in the US, Mexico, and China. The second: innovation. And although other companies might tout quality as a third differentiator, according to Jeff Mulder, quality should be a given. 

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Social responsibility is ingrained in every aspect of business and culture at New York-based WAC Lighting. President Shelley Wang, whose family started the company 25 years ago, has taken steps to enhance the company’s care of its employees, manufacturing capabilities, and design  sensibilities to ensure it doesn’t stray from the vision her parents had in the beginning.

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As a company, Spoon Me bucks all sorts of conventions. Its unique name reflects the youthful and vibrant atmosphere its founders, one of which is CEO Ryan Combe, have created in its frozen yogurt restaurants. Combe and his team are not just aiming for a healthy bottom line but a healthy planet and healthy communities. The company’s ultimate goal is to create a more personal way of doing business that the fast food industry as a whole has rejected.

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Mars Retail Group (MRG) recently underwent a significant transformation. Three years ago, the Nevada-based organization became responsible for managing the licensing division of Mars, Inc., a privately held company that generates more than $30 billion in annual revenue and employs roughly 70,000 individuals.

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Highmark prides itself on being an insurer of last resort. As Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, serving the 29 counties of Western Pennsylvania, and Highmark Blue Shield, serving the 21 counties of Central Pennsylvania and Lehigh Valley, this provider also prides itself on getting health insurance products into the hands of individuals. 

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Of all the groundbreaking technology in the last 20 years, none has been so largely ignored as the printer. Unlike MP3 players, flat screens, touch screens, and cell phones, the latest printer models are not greeted with national headlines. But at, printers and printing equipment are in the spotlight. 

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The baby business is not what one would call a sexy enterprise. It’s by no means macho to sell a stroller, and advertising the best price on a changing table isn’t an action one equates to glamour. But that hasn’t stopped Jack Kiefer from growing into a successful e-commerce site that satisfies parents, grandparents, and babies alike.

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Trends change at the drop of a hat, and a retailer’s job is to keep pace. But with many layers between the creative process and production, it’s often difficult to stay on top. This is where can help. Launched in 2005,’s business model comprises two components. The first is a manufacturing and technology platform that enables products to be made on-demand, one at a time. From posters and printed items to shoes and T-shirts, the company now has more than 27 product lines for retailers, designers, and consumers to choose from. 

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