Before the age of mommy bloggers, there was Sharon DiMinico. A mother for the first time at age 38, DiMinico was careful to select the right toys for her children, paying special attention to the educational aspect of each toy and the importance of connecting the right toy to the right child. 

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Over the last two years, Bravado International Group has more than doubled its top-line business and tripled its bottom-line results. The company started out as a small family-owned business 25 years ago, was sold to Sanctuary in 2002, and started making headway in the industry shortly thereafter. But 2007 brought with it a major change that transformed the music-related merchandiser into a one-stop shop: Universal Music Group acquired it. 

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Although Staples Canada’s colors are red and white, they might as well be green for all the sustainable practices the company has enlisted throughout its history. “What we’ve been doing lately is more of a flywheel effect,” said Steve Matyas, Staples Canada president. “We started off early making sure we were good environmental stewards, going back as far as the opening of our first store in 1991, and the momentum has never slowed.”

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In the past year, Pamida Stores Operating Co Inc. restructured, rebranded, and refocused its attentions based on three basic tenets: easy, reliable, and affordable. Getting all 204 of the discount retailer’s stores aligned from top to bottom took a lot of work, and is still in progress, but Ken Seipel said the company is already seeing results. 

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Each and every product on this earth has a life span,” said Tom Szaky, CEO and vice president of licensing and product development at TerraCycle, Inc. “The end-of-life reality of a bag of potato chips is that the food ends up in the toilet and the bag ends up in the garbage. Same with a pen; you buy a pen, the ink runs out. The only difference is, some products can be recycled easily and others not so easily.”

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Fifty percent of the recent population growth in the US is due to growth of the Hispanic population. Hispanics and Latinos comprise approximately 16% of the total US population, coming in second only to non-Hispanic White Americans. Facts such as these make it clear that companies can no longer ignore this important consumer demographic, which is where Geoscape comes into play. 

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This retail software provider offers a one-channel solution to a multi-channel customer base. Unlike most other systems providers in the market, Micros-Retail caters only to the retail industry. Over the past seven years, as the company developed through numerous acquisitions, this differentiator was the company’s greatest asset. 

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This Canadian cosmetics company makes sure to develop new products that are fun and exciting. The research and development of new products at Lise Watier Cosmetiques begins at the top. “Because we are women here, we know the needs of our customers and we share women’s concerns and issues,” said Lise Watier, founder and co-president. 

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