DE39257July 2, 2013 - Each year, shelters across the U.S. rake in approximately eight million stray and unwanted animals, and one of the top reasons given for pet relinquishment is behavior problems, according to the American Humane Association. To address pet behavior issues, Sergeant's Pet Care Products created an innovative new product called Vetscription PetSTOP! Behavior Correction Spray for Dogs and Cats, now available at Walmart stores nationwide.

PetSTOP! Behavior Correction Spray helps modify destructive or aggressive behavior. This new product for dogs and cats combines noise and a specially developed pheromone mist. The pheromone in the PetSTOP! Spray mimics a natural pheromone that a mother dog or cat produces to calm and assure her young. It almost immediately calms and refocuses pets to end their negative behavior by reducing their excitability. Unlike other noise-making products that are very temporary, the spray's patent pending pheromone mist redirects the pet's attention and behavior. The effect is longer lasting than noise alone and helps the pet not to re-engage in the negative behavior. "It is truly a revolutionary product. PetSTOP! provides the behavior correction you're looking for without causing physical harm to pets. We are proud to have this innovative new product available in Walmart stores," said Caryn Stichler, vice president of marketing. This patent pending technology is used to immediately stop bad behavior such as:     Excessive barking/meowing
    Unnecessary chewing
    Stealing food off the table
    Scratching and/or chewing furniture
    Pulling on leash Pet parents who experience frustration over these types of behaviors will be happy to know that strong scientific research is at the core of the products. "I'm excited about the advances we've made in the use of pheromones to help reduce stress levels in animals and the negative behaviors that stress and anxiety can prompt in pets," said Dr. John McGlone, a professor and research scientist with decades of extensive research and development experience in pheromone therapy and animal behavior. McGlone has worked with Sergeant's to develop the pheromone products.

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