Guest Blog by Steven Kramer, North America President of hybris, 

Matching your business’ interests with those of your online customers’ is a delicate balancing act.  On the one hand, you want the customer to find the product that they are looking for, but on the other you also want to influence their purchasing decisions based on your preferences (e.g. if a certain product has a higher margin, there are too many of a particular product in stock, it’s the end of a product line, etc.). Successful online merchandizing is not enabled by just one tool. It is a mixture of various techniques, the data you have and, last but not least, your own gut feel. 

Guest Blog By Pat Conroy

Driven by changing consumer preferences, the U.S. retail landscape appears to be shifting.  The market share of the grocery and mass merchandise channels, while still dominant in CPG, has eroded as market shares of dollar, club, and convenience stores increased in recent years. CPG companies looking to stay on top of these shifts should not ignore the potential for the dollar channel, especially multi-price-point dollar stores, to play a growing role in national brands’ future performance.

Retail showroomers aren’t all cherry-picking deal-hounds– they’re potentially your best customers. Here’s how to leverage the tools of loyalty management to win them over. Guest Blog By Rick Ferguson and Bill Hanifin

Before the advent of mobile devices, shoppers had to take pricing promises on faith. Today, it takes 30 seconds on an iPhone to figure out that the 52-inch flatscreen TV in your store is 14 percent cheaper online. As smart phone penetration increases, consumers are relying ever more on mobile devices to navigate their lives, and they will only grow more adept at finding the lowest price online. Showrooming — the use of mobile devices while in a store to find and buy a product at a lower price online — has sparked a retail war.

Guest Blog by Shelley E. Kohan

Many of us have been retailers for a long time. Once upon a time, we wrote sales checks (yes, with a pen) and calculated labor hours using manual time sheets. But what has always set us apart has been our unique, innate ability for instinct and intuition. We have remained in the business successfully by making decisions based on our experiences in the field. We are retail warriors. Occasionally, we will back up our decisions with data.

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