Guest Blog By Bram Hechtkopf 

For the past year, Kobie Marketing has been emphasizing the importance of adopting of an omnichannel loyalty strategy as a means to enhance customer engagement and drive ROI. Regardless of vertical – retail, entertainment, hospitality, travel, etc. – brands benefit when their loyalty program is embedded throughout the customer lifecycle and on channels of customers’ choice. Most importantly, omnichannel loyalty promotes heightened customer experiences.

Guest Blog by Gerrit McGowan

In an increasingly interconnected and cause-conscious world, retailers face growing pressure from their customers to do business in a socially-responsible way. And corporate social responsibility (CSR) is good for business, because it encourages customer goodwill and loyalty. These were two of the main themes discussed during the National Retail Federation’s Big Show, held last week in New York City. Thousands of exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of attendees from around the world gathered to network, discuss current trends and gain insights from industry leaders. In his keynote address, former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan pointed out that retail can play a big role in fostering economic growth in the developing world, which he characterized as “waiting for retail.”

Guest Blog by Steven Kramer, North America President of hybris, 

Last month, I wrote about five key considerations to keep in mind when evaluating merchandizing tools and your initiatives.  This post will expand on that and discuss four additional points to consider to help you drive success with your merchandizing efforts.

ABy Anand Subramaniam, VP of Worldwide Marketing, eGain Corporation

Online abandonment is a big challenge. Analysts say online sales are expected to hit a trillion dollars this year—yet  web sites don’t make it easy for shoppers to buy. This in turn causes today’s impatient, distracted shopper to simply abandon a website with the click of a mouse or ‘swipe’ of a tablet. Shopping cart and online form abandonment rates are often upwards of 75%, and only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to lost sales on retail sites.  Shoppers often abandon websites even before they ‘grab’ the cart.  We call it ‘shopping abandonment’, a phenomenon that is even a bigger problem than just ‘shopping cart abandonment’.

Guest Blog by Scott Truitt

One of the biggest challenges that brick and mortar retailers will face in the coming years (and are already beginning to face), is the challenge of competing with online retailers accessible to customers through smart phones. Despite predictions a decade ago that brick and mortar stores would become obsolete, customers continue and will continue to shop brick and mortar stores.  As much as we want the convenience and value of online shopping we still want to see, touch, and experience products before we buy them and we always will. 

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