Guest Blog By David King

Many retailers still rely on fairly simple rules to target merchandising offers to customers. Historically, the bulk of targeted customers are those who have either made purchases in the product category or within a specific brand in the category. Makes sense, right? It's a tried and true formula that works because such customers are likely to repurchase in the same category or brand. Yet, this approach does little grow the category share; the traditionally targeted customers are already spending in the category and new customers aren’t being enticed to expand their spending habits within the category.

Guest Blog by Lior Arussy

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the low employee morale inherited by J.C. Penney’s returning CEO, Myron “Mike” Ullman, after the chain slashed its workforce by tens of thousands over the past year. Retail is not just a business of merchandising and discounts, as it has been portrayed by the media in the last week since the department-store chain ousted its former chief executive Ron Johnson.  Retail is a people business as well, which Mr. Johnson clearly did not understand. Creating a new retail platform, as was attempted with the “JCP” branding platform, requires the organization to lean on its brand ambassadors. 

Guest Blog by Saeed Sikiru

With the increase usage of mobile gadgets with built-in web browsers in them, there’s no better time to go digital than this era. Your products catalog may no longer be as effective as it used to. According to studies gleaned by eMarketer, mobile shopping apps may have some influence in your relationship with your customers. Additionally, mobile device users revealed that utilizing a shopping app enhanced their relationship with their favorite brands. And most of them liked the brand even more after using a shopping app.

Guest blog by Jennifer Borden

We’re a few months removed from the holidays and, once again, gift cards were one of the top gift items of the season. From Yankee Swaps to the last minute gift for your babysitter, it’s easy to understand why: they’re convenient and one size fits all. But the question is, how many of those cards will never be redeemed? Despite their popularity, it’s projected that $2 billion of gift cards went unused in 2012. That’s unfortunate for the recipient of the gift card. But what about the retailer?

Guest Blog by David Zahn

Conventional wisdom in retailers and FMCG manufacturers focuses on growing the business by maximizing market share and increasing conversion among existing shoppers /consumers.  By targeting this population, it is assumed to be more efficient and productive than trying to convince those do not currently shop at a store or in a category to become shoppers at that outlet or in that aisle. However, for REAL growth to occur, we have to actually leverage the marketplace where we have been hesitant to go – at NON-CONSUMPTION. Historically and conventionally, we have believed that it is harder to convert a NON-BUYER into a BUYER than it is to get someone to switch. And, while there is both intuitive logic to that and plenty of proof to lean on; that does not grow the market in total.

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