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By Richard Lawson, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips

With the holiday season often accounting for one-third of a retailer’s annual sales, competition can be fierce. Tempting as it is to grab for every advantage, this can have the unpleasant consequence of legal entanglements with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or a state attorney general that are expensive to resolve and can bring reputational damage at a critical time of year. Retailers can protect themselves by focusing on three key areas where regulators look for potential violations this time of year: advertising disclosures, compliance with laws on continuity plans and bogus discount prices.

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Beat Bugs is a new, original Netflix series from creator, writer and director Josh Wakely, brought to life through 3-D animation and the music of the Beatles. “It’s the greatest music catalogue of all time, and I knew they had messages of hope, love, community and peace,” Wakely says. “I thought ‘All You Need is Love’ is a great message to bring to children.” 

Beat Bugs features original characters living in an overgrown backyard, learning lessons and going on adventures, with a Beatles song tied to the theme of each episode. You can watch season 1 of Beat Bugs on Netflix now and season 2 comes out Nov. 18. Read more about Beat Bugs, and check out some fun products below.


Beat Bugs Best of Seasons 1 and 2

With just days until Halloween, people across the country are loading shopping carts with last-minute items and putting the final touches on their costumes. More than 171 million Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year, spending an average $82.93 — up 12% from the 2015 average of $74.34. Coupled with decorations and candy, Halloween can become a pricey holiday for many Americans (and a profitable one for retailers). 

In addition to in-store shopping, Halloween goers are increasingly turning to social media and online resources for inspiration for their spooky holiday needs. Check out the infographic below from SUMO Heavy Industries to learn more about Halloween retail trends and why this day is a promising retail holiday for retailers.

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By Yonatan Olsha, Managing Director of EMEA, Profitect

By traditional standards, the world of retail considers the period between Black Friday and Christmas Day to be the sweet spot of profiteering. Despite the fact that retailers have extended the Winter holiday season to begin as early as Nov. 1, the pervading mentality is that businesses must emphasize end-of-year milestones in order to bring in the most customers. This means hiring additional temporary staff, overstocking inventory and investing in new advertising/media campaigns to stand out in an already crowded field.

This disproportionate emphasis, however, means that many retailers are overlooking a potentially massive seasonal opportunity: autumn. What many do not realize is that between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, there are consistent opportunities to engage with customers to achieve similar results as the December buying period.

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By Ben Woolsey at CreditCardForum

When it comes to holiday shopping, most consumers are now taking their spending online for the ease and convenience it provides. With Cyber Monday quickly approaching, shoppers are already gearing up and researching Cyber Monday deals. The recent Rubicon Project Holiday Consumer Pulse Survey found that 73 percent of respondents plan to shop online this season, with 47 percent planning to shop on Cyber Monday.

Doing your holiday shopping from your couch while sipping your pumpkin spice latte is cozy and time-saving and prevents the hassle of waiting in those pesky, long Black Friday lines and fighting your way through over-crowded stores. However, shoppers do need to be aware of one thing in particular – online credit card fraud.

Criminals are more driven this year to take their fraud online due to the introduction of new chip technology. Now that chip-encrypted cards have made it much more difficult to duplicate and steal credit card information from in-store terminals, fraud has already begun to shift online.

With the most popular online shopping day of the year just around the corner, experts at CreditCardForum have created their own holiday tip list to help consumers navigate their online shopping safely, steering clear of cyber crooks.

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