By Alex Senn, Founder and CEO at Orkiv Retail Solutions

Get ready to explore some unique, powerful and game-changing retail technologies out there being used right now. Along with this, we'll look at how retail technology is impacting the retail industry. From advanced real-time location-relevant services to new ways of exploring social media's prowess with shoppers, this should serve as a benchmark for you. What's important about these platforms, services and technologies is that they actually enhance the customer experience in some significant way. Of course, the goal is to improve the experience and make delivery so smooth, that our customers buy more goods from us. In our search for the best retail technologies, it's important to consider the whole picture when it comes to implementation, usage and effect with customers. So, we have chosen to deliver a list which could be implemented at scale and still deliver positive ROI from doing so.

Because I deal with a lot of retailers, and the particular challenges faced by those retailers, I will provide a perspective that can help automate and accelerate your sales growth, utilizing the technology having an impact today.

To keep up with the constantly changing, wavering and reversing preferences of consumers, you need a way to rapidly adapt and seize a new opportunity. These retail technologies will help you accomplish this. Before taking on a new implementation of a retail technology such as one presented here, be sure your retail business is in a good position to handle the changes. You want to be sure you can easily integrate, upgrade and implement in a timely manner. If not, you may want to consider upgrading your current infrastructure so it can produce results efficiently.

Licensing Expo begins this week in Las Vegas, and the RM team is thrilled to be attending. Licensing Expo is the world’s largest and most influential trade show dedicated to licensing and brand extension, which makes it one of -- if not the -- most important shows for brands, licensees, retailes and licensors of the year. More than 5,000 brands from all product categories are showcased at the tradeshow – from candy to cars, food to fashion, music to movies, TV to toys and everything in between. A visit to Licensing Expo will help your brand prosper now and in the future. Some of the biggest brands that will be there are showcased in this week's Merchandise Monday to kick off the show.


Sports apparel is one of the highest-grossing markets in the retail industry with a projected global sale of $160 billion for 2016 alone. And it only increases when a certain team is doing well. Everyone wants to show their team spirit through shirts, jerseys, hats and more. With the NBA Finals dominating sports news the last few weeks, these trends are only increasing.

According to new research by FusionOps, sales for Golden State Warriors gear increased 92.8% in May 2015 as they become the clear opponent to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA Finals. See more results from the study in the infographic below. 

Perfetti Van Melle, the worldwide confectionary company, believes in spreading the joy of its brands through more than just candy. “We try to have everything we do speak about the brand, and tell stories around the brand in different ways,” says Christine Cool, licensing area manager for the Barcelona-based company. “Our products truly give a sense of enjoyment to people.” 

Product licensing is one way the brand tells its story, and we showcase some of the exciting products below from both Chupa Chups® and Airheads® in this week's Merchandise Monday. For more information about Perfetti Van Melle, read the story in our May/June issue

Chupa Chups lipbalms

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