Guest Blog by Dr. Matthew Green

Black Friday is in a fast – and even violent – transition.  While some customers are waiting in line to rush the doors, others are taking a more mobile-approach and expecting deals throughout the holiday season. Retailers are changing as well with sales creeping into Thanksgiving promotions and heavy discounts emerging ahead of Black Friday.

Guest blog by Katie Kregel & Lisa Finholm

The holidays mean many things for many people: quality time with family and friends, last minute shopping runs, an overindulgence in baked goods and time to reflect on the new year ahead. For businesses, it means accommodating customers during the peak time of the year. As businesses gear up for the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s important for us to remember customers will be spending more, which means they’ll need more and expect better customer service than usual. So, how do you prepare your employees mentally for the mad dash of consumers and the high demand of impeccable service while giving them the tools they need to deliver for your customers?

Guest Blog By Jeff Mariola

As the holiday season swings into gear so does competitive shopping with consumers scoping out merchandise in physical stores and then comparison shopping for the lowest price on their mobile device or computer, dubbed “showrooming” In an effort to combat or “embrace” this phenomenon some retailers led by Best Buy have implemented strategies including price matching to convert more shoppers into buyers.  Nobody is winning in this new game, manufacturers, retailers or the customer.

Guest Blog by Doug Pasquale

The holiday season can never be too long for retailers, but this year presents a unique challenge – only 25 days will be between Black Friday and Christmas to capture peak holiday spending, and every day counts. This critical time can account for 20 to 40 percent of a retailer’s annual sales activity, so it’s no surprise that companies have debuted holiday displays, discounts and ads as early as September in an attempt to make the most out of this key period.

Guest Blog By Nick Sprau

By now, if you live in the northern region of the United States, you can feel the fall chill in the air. The lower the temperature drops, the more we anticipate the holiday season approaching. For retailers, this time of year often means hitting sales goals, moving more stock and an additional Advil at the end of the work-week for busy floor associates. As customers come barreling through mall hallways and into storefront doors, retailers should be armed and ready with the proper technology that will help their business have a successful holiday sales season.

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