Artify LifeTM Offers a Bold, Elegant and Philanthropic Choice for Home and Fashion

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Artify LifeTM Offers a Bold, Elegant and Philanthropic Choice for Home and Fashion

Pacific Palisades, CA. - Internationally-renowned artist Katina Zinner is inspiring emotion and joy in the most unexpected way — through the artification of everyday objects — with the launch of her newest brand, Artify LifeTM.

The initial collection, featuring 30 of more than 130 original works, is now available for licensing, and seeking retailers and manufacturers to create cross-category products including housewares, fashion, stationary and more.

As the daughter of the late Oscar-winning editor Peter Zinner (“The Deer Hunter,” “The Godfather”) and renowned sculptor Christa Zinner, young Katina Zinner was encouraged at an early age to explore her talents, and even allowed to cover an entire kitchen in felt pen drawings. At just eleven years old, she was celebrated at her first solo art show.

Decades later, she is still a widely admired artist, and her work hangs in some of the most prominent homes in Europe and across America.

Katina’s passion for nature and life explodes on the canvas — sublime colors, bold strokes and perpetual motion. But beneath the surface of her work is an absolute reverence for details, recognizing the subtle pattern of a leaf or the suspense of a falling raindrop.

“Our lives are so chaotic that we often miss perfection found in the details of even the simplest objects,” Katina said. “My new life and style brand awakens a new appreciation for beauty and truth, creating mindfulness through the everyday objects we surround ourselves with.”

Retailers and manufacturers will find the collection is flexible, enabling the creation of exciting, consumer-centric products with wide appeal.

“Katina wanted to develop a toolkit that enables manufacturers to create and market the most compelling, elegant products,” said Adam Herbig, Brand Marketer & Licensing Agent. “From the contemporary “Passion” series to the “Fruits & Veggies,” her art coupled with the vast collection of life stories cast a wide net for consumers.”

“Art inspires compassion for nature and for each other,” Katina said. “Which is why Artify Life pledges to give 10 percent of net licensed royalties to charitable organizations around the world that directly support environmental preservation, animal and human rights.”

On trend for 2019 and beyond – what designers are saying:

“For 2019, there is greater interest in biophilia–emphasizing the relationship between

humankind and nature, and the connections between the two. Natural, organic materials–such

as wood floors, stone, and daylight and plant life–remind us of the exterior and brings the

outside and nature, in. We are machine- and technology-driven society, but nostalgic about

past processes and handiwork, so opportunities for custom Millwork and crafted materials are

very important.”—Angie Lee of FXCollaborative

“Primary colors and graphic shapes haven’t seen this much action since the eighties.” Carolyn Pressly of Carolyn Pressly Interiors

“Like gray, consumers are getting bored of sterile, minimalist spaces. The clean edges and uniformity of Scandinavian design are making way for more organic shapes and bolder colors.” Sandra Chandler of

- The Design Trends That Are In and Out in 2019, Elle Decor

For more information, visit and follow the brand on Instagram @artify_life_brand or contact Adam Herbig at for licensing and retail development details.



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