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Longevity is a goal for which most companies strive, but has proven to be very elusive for the majority of companies. The companies that achieve longevity need long-term vision, lots of hard work, a little luck and a mindset of continual reinvention to stay relevant to the changing times. Wise Foods Inc. is no different. Read more about the 97-year-old company here and see their products below.

Doodles Wise NNCheez Doodles Extra Cheesy

What’s better than cheese? MORE cheese! That’s why we packed even more cheese into every bite. Grab a bag now to find out for yourself, we double dog dare you.

Ridgies Wise NNWise Ridgies Tailgate Classics

There are few things better than food served at a tailgate party and now Wise brings some of these great flavors to life on Ridgies. Two great flavors: Dry Rub Rib and Buffalo Wing flavors.

Wise Popcorn NNWise Popcorn 12ct Variety Pack

Get more of what you love in this 12-count Popcorn Variety Pack. Put these bags out at parties or keep a couple in your bag for when you need a delicious snack.

Bravos Wise NNWise Bravos Tortilla Chips

Who doesn’t love tortilla chips? We do! And we have delicious unique flavors like Stadium Nacho (just like ballpark nachos) and spicy Salsa Verde, as well as fan favorite Nacho Cheese.

Wise FoodTruck NNWise Food Truck Favorites

We LOVE food trucks! That’s why, for the past three years, we have created new, Limited Time Only flavors that are inspired by real trucks. Try new Mackin’ Cheese and Grilled Cheeseburger!

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