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housewares logo A panel featuring millennials revealed that convenience is most important when cooking, which is why they are always in search of products, services or apps to help them save time. By Bianca Herron

One common theme during a panel at the 2017 International Home + Housewares Show was cooking – as long as it is convenient.

Held at Chicago’s McCormick Place March 18-21, the annual show’s first keynote, “Millennials Have a Lot to Say About Housewares,” was moderated by Maureen Azzato, editor-in-chief of Home Furnishing News (HFN), and Warren Shoulberg, HFN editorial director.

The panel included seven focus group members who ranged in age, occupation and marital/family status. Despite the fact that all panelists enjoying cooking, time is an issue for many, which is why they are always in search of products, services or apps to help them save time, according to a release.

When it came to their buying decisions, a few of the millennials noted they were influenced by social media platforms including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Tastemade and YouTube. In addition, television and cooking shows, and endorsements from friends and family – either in person or through social media – also played a critical role in their buying decisions.

Though others panelist were not “tied” to certain brands; how the product currently holds up or what people are saying right now was more important. “I really look at the rapport of the company right now,” Gabriella said. “This may have lasted 40 years for my grandma, but I might not have the same confidence that would be the case today.”

While some might expect millennials to lead the charge for connected products, the majority consensus was that products should offer greater value. “I’ve seen a lot of products that connect to your phone, and personally I don’t find a use for them,” Robert said. 

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