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The New Year is upon us, which means it’s time for a fresh new look! Celebrate the start of 2017 by exploring vibrant color combinations, bold designs, and stylish mixed materials to highlight your personal fashion. With designer and exclusive brands, Visionworks can find the perfect eyewear for any taste. 

13252203Q copy

Chelsea Morgan – SKU 1325220

Mixed materials and on-trend details bring these frames to life. The geometric pattern etched in the frame front makes these glasses stand out with originality. The multi-colored tortoise effect on the temple gives a unique sense of color to your personal style. Try these Visionworks exclusive frames for a look that will set you apart.

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Chelsea Morgan – SKU 1324882

The classic shape of these frames gives your style an elegant touch. Metal weave details on the temple show off your individual taste, while the two-toned tortoise front and solid temples lend these glasses an interesting sense of color. Find a look that is both unique and timeless with these exclusive Chelsea Morgan frames.

13206263Q copy

Guess Women – SKU 1320626

These two-toned frames are a great, fashion-forward look for today’s stylish woman. The low relief sculpting detail on the frame front speaks to the unique touch of Guess frames. The matte effect on the temples lends a style that’s both trendy and modern. Explore your style with Guess and find a fashion that is distinctly you.

13206353Q copy

Guess Women – SKU 1320635

These two-toned frames boast elegant black and translucent details that speak to the aesthetic of the Guess brand. They also feature low relief sculpting on the frame front for a unique touch that will stand out without overpowering your look. These frames create a style that is both bold and personal, helping to define your everyday style.

13251403Q copy

Robert Mitchel – SKU 1325140

These two-toned frames contrast a tortoise pattern exterior with a blue interior making a color affect that your any man will love. The metal piece on the temples brings a bold touch of style that’s a hit the modern professional. These frames also feature spring hinges for added comfort and durability, making them perfect for the contemporary man with an adventurous spirit.

13253003Q copy

Robert Mitchel – SKU 1325300

These standout frames bring bold style to the Robert Mitchel line. Two-toned with navy and brown details, these frames offer an interesting color balance. The navy metal has a unique satin finish that sets these frames apart. The temples also feature raised details that add a cool, textured pop of style, perfect for the man with unique tastes.

13201543Q copy

Nike – SKU 1320154

These frames feature an ultra-lightweight material, making them perfect for a day running on the track or biking down the trail. The temple interiors are designed with grooves for an optimum grip during times of heavy movement. The matte finish brings a modern look to these practical yet stylish frames.

13202073Q copy

Nike – SKU 1320207

These unique frames combine plastic with metal details for a bold look. The Nike volt on the temple adds a stylish touch that speaks to the Nike brand. Grip support on the temple ends make these frames as practical as they are stylish.


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