By Stephanie Schoch

Every once in a while, we’re taken by surprise when a seemingly unlikely product or service offering goes viral in a matter of moments on Kickstarter. While all these stories are different, each tells us one thing for certain: it doesn’t matter what you’re selling as long as it’s a quality item and appears attractive on the Kickstarter platform — presentation and abundance of information are everything when it comes to a Kickstarter campaign. Here are three Kickstarter success stories to invigorate the entrepreneur in you.

Pebble Time: a Watch that Offers it All — Literally

Probably the most well known Kickstarter success story is that of Pebble Time — the Palo Alto, California watchmaker that went into Kickstarter with the intention to raise $500,000. A little something about the Pebble Time watch: loaded with groundbreaking use of existing technology, this wristwatch and the hardware it contains allows users to connect to smartphones via Bluetooth so they can receive texts, incoming call notifications, hook up to their tunes and even track their progress, time and more on daily exercise and runs.

Pebble Time began its first Kickstarter campaign in 2012 and raised more than one million dollars in less than 60 minutes — a Kickstarter record to be sure. Time and time again (no pun intended), Pebble Time has met and exceeded Kickstarter goals. With the release of their latest model came their latest Kickstarter campaign, which began funding in late March of 2015. After working diligently to perfect the watch and make it accessible to nearly 7,000 apps worldwide, Pebble Time has raised nearly $2.4 million dollars — more than 4,000% of their initial goal. The open platform for apps, Bluetooth connectivity, and tremendous accessibility this "watch" allows has gotten those with their eyes on Kickstarter more than just a little excited.

Nice Laundry: the Socks that Began with a Bang on Kickstarter

Why would people go bananas over socks on Kickstarter? Simplicity and consistency, which is exactly what Nice Laundry offers. Nice Laundry strictly sticks to socks, and they do so with unparalleled style, class and a number of styles for everyone from the nine-to-fiver to the hipster coffee shop owner and everyone in between.

The aim of this startup’s progenitors was to create a series of socks that rock the way mega high-end socks do, but at a price that works for the everyman. By offering subscriptions, as so many new online ventures do, Nice Laundry is able to offer its patrons a way to keep their sock look on point with a fresh set of seven new pairs every quarter of the year. Within their first day on Kickstarter, roughly 300 crowdfunders had backed Nice Laundry. Even more good news in quick time was the fact that Nice Laundry raised $30,000 with more than a month left on their campaign. By altering the landscape of how men can obtain socks — and doing so in a consistent fashion without having to think about it makes Nice Laundry a truly disruptive operator within their industry. Guys are getting excited about the offering of six key pairs of socks plus one pair of "surprise" socks every 90 days... and each time they receive their socks, it's usually a complete surprise.

 This Kickstarter campaign has worked wonders for both Nice Laundry and those who consume their subscription-based product.


Stephanie Schoch is a California native living in Los Angeles and working at Wpromote. She loves coffee, traveling, yoga, Pinspired cooking, and hiking!

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